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Huawei Diesel Hybrid Power Solution

Huawei Diesel Hybrid Power Solution - D1 Series, is applicable in off-grid or poor-gird areas where power consumption is high (1~3KW). It adopts DieselMax technology to help resolve issues with low generator conversion efficiency, high fuel consumption, and heavy maintenance workload. Its design is also highly integrated, which discourages theft, shrinks the footprint, and accelerates deployment.


Saving fuel and maintenance

DieselMax technology largely improves energy converting efficiency and saves up to 75% fuel, 90% D.G. running time and 97.5% maintenance.

Saving footprint and deployment cost

Integrated design with D.G., energy storage, controller and converter, etc. Saving 75% footprint and deployment cost.

Single platform, smooth evolution, easy expansion

  • Supporting smooth evolution to solar & diesel, solar & grid (diesel) solution. Protecting customer investment;
  • Modular design, easy expansion, saving customer future investment.

Intelligent management, efficient operation & maintenance

  • Multilevel fuel consumption report enquiry, customized KPI report analysis management ;
  • Refueling priority suggestion based on remaining fuel;
  • Remote real time management and fuel stolen alarm;

Applications & Benefits
Huawei Diesel Hybrid Power Solution is widely used in Africa and the Middle East, helping carriers like MTN, Zain, Etisalat, CMPak resolve their site power supply difficulties in off-grid and poor-grid areas.