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Huawei Power Solutions

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Huawei Grid Hybrid Power Solution

Huawei Grid Hybrid Power Solution is applicable in areas with poor-grid, including Advanced Fast Charging Series - G2, Enhanced Fast Charging Series - G3 and Standard Fast Charging Series - G4. It adopts GridMax technology, which maximally uses the grid to reduce EPS-D operation, or even to remove it entirely.


Leading fast charging technology, saving TCO

GridMax technology realizes fast charging (energy storage full charging time < 2h), maximally using grid, and reducing EPS-D running time (even to zero).

Series solutions, best matching different scenarios

Advanced Fast Charging, Enhanced Fast Charging and Standard Fast Charging series for choice, best matching scenarios and satisfying customer need.

Integrated system, saving footprint, high reliability

Saving footprint up to 90% compared with traditional solution, easy deployment and enhances reliability.

Modular design, easy expansion

Single platform, modular design, support smooth expansion and save customer future investment.

Intelligent management, efficient operation & maintenance

  • Support predicting malfunction by cell management;
  • Support energy storage system health status and customer asset management;
  • Support customized KPI report analysis management;

Applications & Benefits
Huawei Grid Hybrid Power Solution is widely used in countries such as Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria and Zambia, providing efficient stable energy for carriers like CMPak、Ufone、U-COM、MTN、GLO.