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Huawei Power Solutions

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Huawei Solar Hybrid Power Solution

Huawei Solar Hybrid Power Solution is applicable in off-grid and poor-grid areas where peak value sunshine time is more than 3 hours, including Pure Solar Series - S1, Solar & Diesel Series - S2, Solar & Grid (Diesel) Series - S3. It adopts SolarMax technology, which enables maximal use of solar energy for reducing OPEX. The conversion efficiency is up to 98.5%. There is zero carbon emission involved and very little maintenance is required.


Green energy, low TCO, less maintenance

  • SolarMax technology maximally uses solar energy, increases the power supply by 20%, realizes zero carbon emission and low maintenance cost;
  • Conversion efficiency reaching up to 98.5% (tops in the industry). The solar paneling needed is reduced by up to 30%, leading to CAPEX reductions of 10-30%.

Flexible balance between CAPEX & OPEX

EPS-D enables flexible balance between CAPEX & OPEX, matching customer budget with improved system reliability (Up to 19 cloudy days can go by without the power failing).

Integrated cabinet, saving footprint and cost

Controller and Converter integrate in one cabinet, saving footprint and system cost.

Professional design, high reliability

  • Multilevel PV anti-theft design, effectively protecting customer investment;
  • Tolerates faults, while a fool-proof design prevents reversals, and redundancy enhances reliability.

Intelligent management, efficient operation & maintenance

  • Multilevel solar power supply report enquiry, customized KPI report analysis management ;
  • Intelligent detection & maintenance reminding of energy plant system and energy storage system;
  • Remote real time management and PV stolen alarm;
Applications & Benefits

Huawei Solar Hybrid Power Solution is widely used in many countries, including Zambia, Mali, Nigeria and Botswana, etc., providing efficient green energy for carriers like Airtel、Sotelma、CamGSM、MTN and BTC.